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Oleksandr Zinoviev

Interview with Oleksandr Zinoviev, Delivery Manager at OpenTag.
Oleksandr tells about his first steps as a Delivery Manager and about all the challenges ones could face in this role.

Interview with Nikita Kalinin, Software Architect at OpenTag.
Nikita speaks about how his career in IT started, about the differences between PHP and Golang and what does it take to become a good Software Architect

How to become a QA at OpenTag?

Read the story of Lora Lachovska – our first ever junior QA at OpenTag! She tells about her challenges in getting into the IT field and her first days as a QA.


HR and Recruitment trends in 2022

In this article, our HR & Recruitment Manager Petar Dzhuganski and our top recruitment specialist Dani Dyakova shared what are the hot recruitment and HR topics in 2022.


Developer bites with Lachezar Stoev.

Read about his story and career advice on becoming a great software developer.


Golang has many advantages – Maxim Sarandev, Golang Developer.

Check out the latest interview with our Golang Superstar Maxim Sarandev from
here 👌 You will find what the advantages of GO are, how he decided to return from Scotland to Bulgaria and how he switched from PHP to a managerial position, then to Golang 🤯

Our people are our greatest advantage – Veneta Dimitrova, QA Manager

Do you want to know how we do the software testing at OpenTag? Yes? Check out this interview with Veneta Dimitrova, QA Manager. You will find out about our testing practices, about the challenges she faced as a QA and what is needed to become a good QA Manager.

“Hard work beats talent when the talent doesn’t work hard”

“Hard work beats talent when the talent doesn’t work hard” is Elena Vuchkova’s favourite quote regarding work ethics 👷‍♀️ Check out the latest interview with one of our top employees at this link.

The IT projects in Bulgaria : What OpenTag is developing?

In this latest piece for our Stanislav Yordanov is sharing info on what we are doing at OpenTag and how it all happens.

Interview with Petromir Dzhunev, Solution Architect

In this interview, Petromir talks about the projects at OpenTag, our commitment to the open-source community and what it takes to become a good software engineer.

Podcast talk with Petar Dzhuganski, HR & Recruitment Manager

Are you interested in the topics of people development, recruitment and how we nurture our unique culture at OpenTag? Check out this podcast talk with our HR & Recruitment Manager – Petar Dzhuganski.

TV interview with Stanislav Yordanov, Head of Delivery

Do you want to find out more about how teams are being managed at OpenTag? Check out this TV interview with Stanislav Yordanov, our Head of Delivery.

From Boston to Blagoevgrad, the story of Radoslav Genov

Rado is one of the first React developers in our Sofia office. His story is quite fascinating and you get to read this wonderful interview with him from this link.

From a developer to a Tech Lead – Interview with Alex Kushev

Alex Kushev is one of our Java Tech Leads – young, ambitious and very hard working. Check out his story on becoming a Tech Lead at OpenTag.

What helped the rapid growth of OpenTag?

In this article for DevBg, you can read what made our company so successful.

Opentag – The Startup for Sports Betting & Gaming

Article about OpenTag from Puzl Coworking.

Interview for by Petar Dzhuganski, HR & Recruitment Manager

Labour market trends, how OpenTag recruits and retain it’s employee. You can read about all of that in this article.

”The Great Resignation” TV interview with Petar Dzhuganski, HR & Recruitment Manager

Have you heard about ”the Great Resignation” and its implications on the labour market? Check out this tv interview with our HR & Recruitment manager to find out more!