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What are We Building?

We are developing a gaming platform from scratch. The platform will be developed using microservices architecture, so the business and customers’ needs will be fulfilled with more efficiency and decreasing time to market.

Our platform will be built in three major backend stacks, Java ( Spring boot ), PHP ( Symfony ) and Golang. We use best practices and approaches in software development to make it scalable and reliable.

We have separated development per business domain such as Casino, Sports and Betting, Payments, Fraud and Bonus Engines and Core to accommodate our vision.

Platform Team

10’s of content vendors, 100’s of categories and 1000’s of games, in the never-ending world of content our biggest challenge is not getting the content but actually controlling it, configuring it, optimizing it, monitoring it, streaming it and making sure we serve the best flow possible – integration of an API might seem trivial and basic, but when you have 50 more vendors and millions of visitors that demand speed and easy access for their desired content – every bit of control counts.

We are challenging ourselves to create the next market standard in terms of scalability, agility, and technology in the world of content publishing and automation, to make sure we provide the best user experience to our customers and the easiest control over to our users.

Fraud Team

Fraud and Online business always go together hand in hand, where there are rules – there would always be someone trying to outsmart them to his advantage, the bigger the potential gain is, the more effort people will put into exploiting and profiting from it.

While some rules are easy to enforce, others are more complex, how will you know on any given moment if a user is just enjoying gameplay or if he’s a malicious one trying to take advantage of you? Now multiply it by millions of customers, fighting fraud on global scale requires you to harness some of the latest techs and reinvent the way we measure and cluster fraudulent attempts – while rule-based can only get you so far, the future is in BIGDATA, Real-time processing, aggressive user segmenting and constant machine learning applied to build, and improve modules to outsmart the fraudsters.

Bonus Team

Customers love to feel they are special, from the smallest one to the highest roller – they all like the attention when an individual player is winning it’s always easier to keep him happy but what happens if he loses momentum, lose a game, get bored of it or just loses interest altogether? Now imagine this in a huge network of millions of players – churn prediction, customer clustering, smart segmenting and customer incentives are the best tools we have to identify those clients and save them – the smarter the patterns are the better chances we have at saving the client and extending his lifecycle with us.

We are looking to utilize any technology and stack in our journey to make our customers happy, from Real-time BIGDATA processing to Machine learning profiling and Deep learning, we will stop at nothing to better understand and serve our customers.

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