Why Open Tag

OpenTag is a fast-growing company in the field of Sports Betting and Gaming.

We are challenging ourselves to create the next market standard in terms of scalability, agility, and technology in content publishing and automation to ensure we provide the best user experience and the most effortless control to our users.

Expanding and delivering fast is our nature.

Founded in July 2019 for less than 2 years we managed to have our platform running on numerous websites. We currently have over 100 employees in Sofia and more than 50 people in Kyiv.

Many job opportunities await those who dare to experiment and work hard. If you want to know more about OpenTag, please check our media and culture sections. There you will find many interviews and articles regarding our company.

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We are a well recognized technology company building mid-sized teams with high-performance
mindset. What we value the most is our people! We believe that they are the key asset behind
our success.

You can say we are people-centric and YES, you will be right!

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